Hopp til innhold

Blogging er blodsuging

Jeg oppdaget tilfeldigvis en tekst som advarer unge forfatterspirer mot faren ved blogging:

Daily you will rise and go to your keyboard. You will blog. And you will read what people write in response to your blog. And you will write responses to what they have written. And then you will visit the blogs of those who have responded to you. And you will write pleasant and cheery comments there. And then you will go back to your own blog, to see if anyone has responded to your responses. And then you will go back to the blogs of others, to see if anyone has responded to your responses to them.

And the clock will suddenly say midnight. And you will look at your manuscript in consternation. How can it be that there are no new pages, not even a paragraph? Where has the time vanished? Why are your hands so weary?

Too weary to type so much as a sentence of your book.

Tomorrow, you will say to yourself. Tomorrow I will start afresh, and I will type all day to make up for the pages I have not written today. With the best of intentions, you will go to sleep.

But on the morrow, when you wake and rise, you will not write. You will blog.

Les hele teksten hos Robin Hobb's Home: Vampires of the Internet.