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Stian M. Landgaard (born October 23, 1978) is a Norwegian writer and translator from German. He has studied philosophy and comparative literature. His first novel, Herrer i åndenes rike (Masters in the Realm of Spirits, was published by Aschehoug in August 2006. It is a story about Christian Winther, a student of Nietzsche who attempts to apply Nietzschean philosophy to his own life and relations, and by so doing falls out with his friends, his family -- and, most importantly, with his younger brother.

His second novel, Portrett i flammer (Portrait in Flames) was published in August 2023. It tells the story of a Norwegian painter who in 1974 visits the Isle of Wight and finds himself surrounded by a stormy landscape of art and love.

Landgaard's first translation from German into Norwegian, of Nietzsche's philosophical work Daybreak, was published in September 2007 by Spartacus.

Stian M. Landgaard resides in Tromsø and may be contacted by e-mail at: slandgaa@online.no.